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Cold Drip

So, what is cold-drip coffee?

The way I explain the cold drip is that it is a method of filter coffee taking about 5 hours to produce 500 – 700mLs of cold syrupy coffee.

The ‘device’ itself is a tower of three chambers, the first contains ice and cold water which (through an adjustable tap) runs into a chamber of ground coffee, which drips into the catcher below.

Store the liquid in a fridge until use, serve with ice, sparkling/carbonated water or milk. Also really good with ice-cream, but what isn’t really 😉

Cold-drip is a unique coffee method because, unlike espresso’s pressurised extraction process, plungers immersion, or filtration methods, it utilises a leaching process. As far as I know, cold-drip is the only method that uses a leaching process to extract the coffees oils.

Basically what that means is that the water running through the coffee grounds are not forcing the oils (and with them the flavour) out. Instead, as the water trickles through slowly and picks up the oils on the way through the chamber, and brings them down into the final chamber for your enjoyment!

Cold-drip is typically more intense in both flavour and caffeine than other filter methods, so take that into consideration when serving, I usually drink in 4oz cup, about half the size of a regular coffee.

I’ll be putting up a How To Cold-drip soon and will leave a link when it’s up. But otherwise, give your thoughts and tips below!

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2 thoughts on “Cold Drip

  1. Great post Dan.
    I occasionally like to include a cold drip on my coffee crawl journeys around town. Yes, i do feel jittery after due to it,s high caffeine content compared to espresso based coffees. 🙂
    It,s a great cup in the afternoon summers when a chill down is needed.

    1. Nice! It’s interesting to see how different cafes run their cold-drips differently too, some are quite rich while others tend to be quite diluted.

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