How To Coffee

How To Coffee is about specialty coffee, made simple.

I’m Dan, a barista with 7 years experience in specialty coffee. There’s a lot that goes into making a great cup of coffee – whether espresso or filter – and I’m going to explain how to get that great cup, without the jargon.

How To Coffee is a phrase which to me means, making great coffee with easy to understand methods. I’ll explain the coffee science in simple ways so that the information will stick and help both the everyday coffee lover, and the barista in the daily grind.

My hope for this site is that it can become a positive community of coffee lovers, a network of learning and exploration. I want to share what I know about coffee in a variety of areas and report my findings as I continue to learn more.

Coffee is a very diverse, multifaceted topic and we have plenty to talk about. Check out these posts to get you started:


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