How to Espresso

Introducing: How to Espresso

New on How to Espresso

Introducing the first how to section of!

How to Espresso will be where we explore the techniques involved with anything espresso. Whether it’s tamping, grind size, understanding extraction or how to steam milk , there’s plenty to talk about!

As always, this a place where I’ll share what I know and you are welcome to add your thoughts or ask questions.

I look forward to what we will discover together!


La Marzocco Mistral
My dream espresso machine: The La Marzocco Mistral. It looks like a spaceship!

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4 thoughts on “Introducing: How to Espresso

      1. A few of the one group Mirage and equivalent La Mazocco GS3 are gracing the households of australians who fit the extreme $3000 plus machines market segment. I for one am happy with my humble Simonelli Oscar. There,s a saying that goes, you can make great coffee on humble machines and you can make poor coffee on great machines.
        However, sound techniques as per your blog with something like the Mistral results in a god cup.

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